Education, our passport to the future

Here at Lix we believe that every individual should have the opportunity to educate themselves, by learning and studying in a way which suits the digital minds of tomorrow. This is because we see education as the soul of society, and the best investment we can make for the future.

However today, students enter an old-fashioned system with expensive textbooks, disjointed platforms and a chaotic web of study tools to navigate through. It´s stressful, it´s inefficient and it´s frustrating. We felt that too.

Education, to be attainable for all

5 years ago Lix came together to solve this problem. Our mission was to create digital solutions through an all-in-one study platform, where students could access all the materials and study tools they needed to succeed in their education. Our hope was to remodel the possibilities of studying through personalisation, structure, easy access and smart study features.

Many jumped onboard this digital crusade of education with us, and loved the freedom and flexibility our platform gave to their studies. Sadly, not enough. Therefore, our pursuit along the winding road of digitising higher education has come to a halt. It´s with a heavy heart, and yet with hope that another talented team will carry on the torch from us, for students.

As of the 24th June 2020 our online bookshop for institutions and private purchases has been closed.The app will remain open until 30th September 2020, so that all users can still have access to books and study materials for another 3 months.

Education, the greatest investment we can make

To all we´ve met, thank you! We have loved every step along this road, learnt more than possible to express and are forever grateful to those who walked with us. The crusade may be over for now, yet the vision still remains - every individual should have the opportunity to educate themselves in a way which serves them best. Good luck students, we`re rooting for you!