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We like learning. A lot.


Not that we’re a bunch of nerds; we’re just all students – currently or formerly enrolled. Our fairly young team is a blend of experienced heads and raw minds who all agree, that the coffee brewer is the most appreciated piece of machinery at our office. We also share a common feeling that studying is too troublesome; textbooks are heavy weight, a financial horror, time-consuming to acquire, and not in sync with technology. In fact, some of us carry the label of master’s dropouts because the conditions for learning were too traditional and unsexy. We love to learn but we’ve found a better way to do it. That’s why Lix happened. Besides solving the practical aspects mentioned just before, we envision Lix as the game changer within learning platforms. Students should have the best possible conditions for learning. So should publishers, who convey the learning material; the professors, who pick out the curriculum; and the businesses, who educate their trainees. While we fuel our engines with ambition and vision, we’re fortunate to have a group of advisors and investors on board to help Lix make the greatest impact possible.

Camilla Hesselund Lastein

CEO & Founder

Kasper Enggaard Krog

CCO & Co-Founder

Simon Stender Boisen

CTO & Founding Engineer

Michael Yde Nielsen

Creative Director

Kåre Brøgger Sørensen

Founding Engineer

Anders Kaels Malmos

Founding Engineer

Jacob Aamand Holm

Publisher- & Marketing Coordinator

Ben Gabriel Pedersen

Front-end Developer

Constantin Gavrilete

Front-end Developer

Emil Ingerslev

Full Stack Developer

Martin Smidt Kristensen

Front-end Developer