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About this book

Now in its sixth edition, Work Psychology is an accessible and fascinating examination of human behaviour in today’s workplace, written by authors who are all experts in their fields. Substantially updated with new material that reflects current research and debate in the area, the text retains its popular blend of theory, research and engaging examples.


Covering a broad range of core topics, this text is suitable for undergraduate students in business, management, and psychology as well as those studying for professional qualifications.


This new sixth edition offers you:

  • A clear and consistent structure, including an opening and closing case study and other exercises within each chapter to help you to apply what you’ve learnt.
  • Attractive full-colour design that aids navigation and enlivens the text.
  • Extensive coverage of cross-cultural issues that reflects the increasingly global context of work.
  • Learning outcomes, long and short self-test questions, a glossary, annotated further reading and weblinks to enable your learning within and beyond the textbook.
  • All the latest research and hot topics in the field of work psychology.
  • A new ‘Key debate’ feature that directs you to key controversies and contemporary debate around work psychology today.
  • A new ‘Research methods in focus’ feature that de-mystifies and illustrates with examples the use of strong research methods in practice.
  • A new ‘Point of integration’ feature which clearly links the theories between chapters, allowing for a greater understanding of the topic as a whole.
  • Additional material for lecturers is available at

About the authors
Written and edited by authors who are all expert teachers and researchers in their fields, Work Psychology offers a clear and authoritative introduction to human behaviour in the workplace.


John Arnold is Professor of Organisational Behaviour in the School of Business and Economics at Loughborough University.


Ray Randall is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Business and Economics at Loughborough University.


With expert contributions from co-authors:


Fiona Patterson Founder Director of the Work Psychology Group, Principal Researcher the University of Cambridge and Visiting Professorship at City University London.


Joanne Silvester Professor of Psychology, Cass Business School, City University London.


Ivan Robertson Founder Director of Robertson Cooper Ltd and Emeritus Professor of Work & Organizational Psychology, Manchester Business School.


Professor Sir Cary Cooper CBE 50th Anniversary Professor of Organizational  Behaviour & Health, Alliance Manchester Business School, and President of the British Academy of Management.


Bernard Burnes Professor of Organisational Change, Stirling Management School.


Don Harris Professor of Human Factors in the Centre for Mobility and Transport, Coventry University.


Carolyn Axtell Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Work Psychology, Sheffield University Management School.

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