Why Lix?

It’s your best friend while studying.

The Lix app contains a unique reader with study tools to support your reading.

Let’s make some notes

Create notes directly in a book while you read or attend class. With a few clicks, you can add, edit, and remove notes in your books.

Highlight important content

Make important passages stand out with highlights. You can choose from different colors, if you wish to categorize your highlights using color coding.

That’s not all

Work offline

Do everything Lix has to offer, just offline as well.

Table of contents

Navigate your book with ease from any page you want.

Screenshot figures

And add them easily to your notes elsewhere.


Having troubles reading the text? Zoom in - or out to get a better view.

Tablet access Read only

Read your books on tablet, if that’s your favorite choice of device.

Things to come

Multiple books at once

Just like in real life, just even better.

Mobile access

Multi-device access allows you to read on your mobile, too.

Work in teams

Share notes, important highlights and work together.

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